4 Divine Desserts in The District

Jaclyn Jermyn, Kelly Magyarics and Kristen Schott | July 15, 2019 | Food & Drink


It might sound simple, but it’s anything but—fitting of Reverie and its inventive executive chef and owner, Johnny Spero. In fact, he isn’t much of a chocolate guy at all, so he dressed it up. The cake is made up of aerated white chocolate that melts in your mouth, and teamed with a sprinkle of miso from Keepwell Vinegar, butterscotch and brown butter—at least during the cooler months. Right now? He’s tarting things up with a citrus burst to fulfill your summer sweet tooth. 3201 Cherry Hill Lane NW, 202.808.2952, reveriedc.com


Brazo de Milana
Kaliwa pastry chef Josh Jarvis’ take on this traditional Filipino dessert gets plenty of flair from locally sourced Le Bocage Farm purple yams in the vibrant filling and an irresistible rum-spiked coconut sauce. It falls in line with the menu at this funky-chic hot spot at The Wharf, helmed by Irish chef Cathal Armstrong and wife Meshelle, which pays homage to Southeast Asian culture and food. The treat is both sweet and savory (yams for dessert?) and dishes out candy for the eye, says Jarvis. 751 Wharf St. SW, 202.516.4739, kaliwadc.com


Sunny Eggs
Breakfast for dessert? It’s what you can expect from Unconventional Diner pastry chef Ana Deshaies, who runs the popular restaurant with husband David. She takes the morning staple and makes it whimsically tropical with coconut panna cotta, mango-passion fruit gelee yolks and elegant sugar-cookie bacon. Go ahead and dig in—after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 1207 Ninth St. NW, 202.847.0122, unconventionaldiner.com


Hazelnut Profiterole
Ask Olivia pastry chef Nirav Vashi what he thinks of his delicate ball of goodness, and he’ll tell you that “it’s almost royal.” It’s shaped like an actual hazelnut thanks to some creative problem-solving—and plastic wrap—on Vashi’s part, and you’ll find pastry cream, milk jam and milk chocolate mousse. Crowning it all? Edible 23K gold leaf. Regal, indeed. 800 F St. NW, 202.347.4667, oliviawdc.com


Photography by: scott suchman; Simo; meshelle armstrong; greg powers