DC-Based Founder of Urban Forest Perfume Co Sara Phillips Reveals All

Jennifer Barger and Kristen Schott | April 10, 2019 | People

She’s the DC-based founder and perfumer of botanical scent company Urban Forest Perfume Co (urbanforestperfumeco.com).


Shot on location at Rock Creek Park

You’ll find me exercising by… hiking, especially on Kingman Island.

My go-to superfood is… fruit, especially in smoothies.

My one-stop green beauty store is… Whole Foods Market’s Whole Body aisle.

Scent is a must for wellness because… it can transform your mood.

My favorite place for a healthy snack is… Fare Well. I’m all about the veggie burger.

My dream wellness retreat is… an isolated cabin in Virginia somewhere I can hike.

I take care of my skin by… giving myself at-home facials.

And my secret to great skin is… hydrating creams and SPF every day.

My top three tips for a healthier life are… walk everywhere; meditate to start your day; and spend time with friends for emotional health.

I can’t strop scrolling the Instagram feed of… Smoke Perfume (@smokeperfume), a New Orleans-based botanical scent company.


Photography by: Greg Powers