Dr. Robynne Chutkan Of DC's Digestive Center For Wellness Shares Her Thoughts On The Keto Diet

Jennifer Barger and Kristen Schott | April 10, 2019 | People

The Jamaica-born physician behind the Digestive Center for Wellness and author filmed a PBS special airing this spring and is launching Gutbliss Rx (gutbliss.‌com), a digestive wellness e-magazine.


Shot on location at The Hepburn; dress and jewelry by Luna, Bethesda Row, Md.; makeup by Bloom’d; styling by Samira Rezahi

You’ll find me exercising at... Squash on Fire—playing with my friend Val or participating in the Sunday morning round-robins.

Callaloo is... the new kale. It has more fiber and iron.

My go-to superfood is... cabbage. It tastes good raw or cooked.

The last wellness topic I Googled was... tryptophan levels and gut bacteria—researching the association between diet and mood disorders for my talk at Aspen Brain Lab this summer.

My dream wellness retreat is... a 10-mile morning hike, outdoor yoga [and] a soak in a bathtub full of microbe-rich mud under a tree canopy followed by lots of spicy vegetarian Indian food.

The trend I wish would go away is... the ketogenic diet. It’s terrible for the microbiome.

When it comes to living well, DC’s denizens need to... get outside more! We live in one of the most beautiful cities with parks, woods and green spaces, but people spend so much time inside.


Photography by: Greg Powers