Chef Wolfgang Puck is Reinventing CUT for DC

Kristen Schott | August 2, 2019 | People National


Wolfgang Puck, who will soon open CUT at Rosewood Washington, DC, believes the District has what he calls a great diversification of cultures. “There are very few cities in the world that have so many different nationalities in one small place,” he says, “and DC is one of them.”

If this issue is any indication, DC is no stranger to new restaurants. But it’s not every day we get a concept from a man whose name is synonymous with fine dining, fusion cuisine and every award on the menu. That chef? Wolfgang Puck. And the restaurant? CUT by Wolfgang Puck, which is expected to bow at the renovated Rosewood Washington, DC, this summer. It’s the second local spot for Puck (he launched The Source in 2007), and it’s a reinvention of the supreme steakhouse known for slices of melt-in-your-mouth Japanese wagyu beef from the Miyazaki prefecture. “We are still refining the menu, but it will be part traditionally CUT and part new dishes with local ingredients from the shores of Maryland, [as well as] Virginia and Kentucky,” says the Austria-born talent. “We wanted Georgetown to be the first to experience our evolved version. Washington is an international city, and we have CUT in various parts of the [globe] outside of America.” He plays coy when you ask him about specific dishes (“ask me in three months”) or the best seat in the house (“wherever you sit”). But he is steadfast about executive chef Andrew Skala, the 12-year veteran of the WP brand he’s tapped to lead the spot. “While Andrew is still young, he already has a lot of experience within the company,” says Puck. “He knows our culture and has a passion for cooking.” Skala answers in turn: “Chef Wolfgang inspires me to become a better chef and never stop learning, to be able to... challenge myself.” It’s what they’re doing with CUT, don’t you agree? 1050 31st St. NW, 212.617.2400,


Photography by: vanessa stump