Elle Macpherson's Secret Formula To Beauty And Wellness

By Michael McCarthy | December 2, 2019 | Style & Beauty


Elle Macpherson recently swung by Bluemercury on Wisconsin Avenue. The luxe beauty and wellness boutique now carries Macpherson’s WelleCo line— from calming teas to protein powders—perfect for holiday shopping and staying healthy all winter. The supermodel and superhuman chatted with us before greeting wowed guests. 3320 Wisconsin Ave. NW

WelleCo_Super_Elixir.jpgThe WelleCo line, now available at Bluemercury, includes the Super Elixir supplement, $135, with more than 40 naturally derived ingredients.

What was the aha! moment for co-founding this brand? There wasn’t one moment—I truly believe wellness is a journey. I started discovering how the body works through a London doctor roughly six years ago, when I was 50. I learned my body was going to work best when it was absorbing the nutrients I was ingesting. And it changed the way I looked and felt.

How did this change your thinking about wellness? I always thought there was a correlation between beauty and youth. Now, I understand the correlation is between beauty and wellness.

What wellness routines are front and center for you now? I’ve added two teaspoons daily of Super Elixir greens without fail. I’ve also started a strong sleep program, complemented by our teas, and a nice, clean protein like the one from WelleCo—I can have it as a snack because I love chocolate. These are my health hacks.

What are your other wellness secrets? Lymphatic drainage is important to me, which is superimportant for detoxifying the body. I also love the infrared sauna, and I love to swim—it’s so grounding. And then I’m really careful about the beauty products I use, which is why I love Bluemercury and what they offer.

What are your impressions of DC? I’ve been here quite a bit. My younger son, who’s a junior in high school, recently went through a summer program at Georgetown University—it’s now where he wants to attend college. So, hopefully, this will be my new town! I lived in New York for 14 years, London for 17, and I have an older son who attends college in Boston—Washington is a combination of all three of my favorite cities.

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Photography by: Bluemercury