Four Boozy Beverages With A Healthy Bonus From Haute Spots Around DC

Kelly Magyarics | May 1, 2019 | Food & Drink

Pass on the green juice and protein smoothie for these vibrant globally flavored elixirs that may even boast powerful wellness benefits.


Doi Moi’s Mandate of Heaven is topped with a red bell pepper garnish.


The Spices Kabsa is a dish with basmati rice, meat, vegetables and spices that has its roots in Yemen, but has spread throughout other Mediterranean cultures. Olivia wine and beverage director Tim Hays took a little liquid liberty, infusing bourbon with turmeric, saffron, cloves, cinnamon and ground chiles. He balances the cocktail with Aperol and a squeeze of mandarin orange served up with a dehydrated slice of that same fruit.

The Benefit Bright orange turmeric, a relative of ginger, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 800 F St. NW, 202.347.4667,

No Photoshop, Just Real Life

The Spices At Compass Rose, bar manager Aleks Kilibarda mixes red wine with Bonal, a gentian-based aperitif; tamarind; pomegranate; cinnamon; nutmeg; and frankincense. The spritzer is batched, carbonated, kegged and served on the rocks with a pansy flower garnish.

The Benefit Cinnamon reduces blood sugar levels and promotes heart health, while frankincense nourishes skin, has detoxifying effects and increases circulation. 1346 T St. NW, 202.506.4765,

Mandate of Heaven

The Spices Doi Moi beverage consultant Jessica Weinstein was inspired for the spot’s Negroni with a twist when executive chef and partner Johanna Hellrigl used sambal oelek—an Indonesian sauce made with chiles, vinegar and salt—in an aioli for crispy Brussels sprouts. Weinstein stirs it with Bluecoat Gin, red bell peppers roasted with sambal oelek, Campari and sweet vermouth topped with orange oil.

The Benefit Tongue-tingling chiles are natural pain relievers and can boost immunity, and the heat they induce can actually continue to burn calories 20 minutes after they are ingested. 1800 14th St. NW, 202.733.5131,


The Spices The Green Zone owner Chris Hassaan Francke’s Middle Eastern riff on the classic New Orleans’ libation mingles rye whiskey with Iraqi date syrup, Peychaud’s Bitters, Arabian bitters and a spritz of Sharqtreuse—the bar’s take on Chartreuse mixed with arak—served up in a liquid-nitrogen-chilled rocks glass adorned with a lemon twist.

The Benefit Housemade Arabian bitters contain spices like cardamom, anise and sumac. The latter is antimicrobial and can flush out toxins from the body. 2226 18th St. NW, 571.201.5145,


Photography by: Raisa Aziz