Stop In Union Market District's New Veer & Wander To Expand Your Mind and Beauty Repertoire

Kristen Schott | September 4, 2019 | Style & Beauty


Veer & Wander founder Connie McGrath says she is impressed by local clients. “When people in DC say they will be back, they come back,” she notes. “It means we made a... lasting impression.”

Veer & Wander’s Connie and Brian McGrath might have traveled from San Francisco to DC to open their first East Coast shop, but the airy 1,100-square-foot apothecary and mask bar in the Union Market District didn’t stray from Connie’s mantra: Don’t be toxic. “This applies to all aspects of life, whether it is relationship-based or the products we use and sell,” says Brian. “It’s disheartening when people have to use CBD on a Sunday because they’re already feeling the stress from their impending work week. Off time should be when you... recharge.” The space is stocked with gender-neutral, healthful and clean skincare, wellness, cosmetic, hair and lifestyle products: “Everyone benefits from looking, smelling and feeling great,” he adds, pinpointing the exclusive, and popular, Volcanic Lift by AYUNA available at the mask bar. That bar is also great for groups. “Our favorite... was a father, two teenagers and a preteen who spontaneously decided to do masks,” adds Brian. Then there are the programs, like a session Sept. 8 that takes a look at energy healing. If that’s not enough to brighten you up, the store has a vintage apothecary cabinet from GoodWoodDC. “We felt so lucky to have discovered [it],” says Connie. “It was exactly what we were searching for.” Our search is over too. 1260 Fifth St. NE,


Photography by: joy asico/asico photo