Switch Up Girls' Nights With DC's New Bouquet Club

Jennifer Sergent | June 4, 2019 | Lifestyle

It started last year, when designer Liz Levin asked her friend, florist Tess Finnegan, to conduct workshops for moms at her daughter’s school. “We had a ball,” Finnegan says. “Liz asked me if I’d be interested in building this into a business.” Thus, Bouquet Club was born—a profusion of petals that’s injecting flower power into parties around town. Parties $100 per person for a minimum of 10, bouquetclub.com


Tess Finnegan and Liz Levin help girls’ nights, birthday parties and biz events blossom.

How does it work?

LL: You provide the venue and refreshments; we provide the flowers, vases, clippers and aprons. Then we lead your guests through creating a luxury arrangement to take home. We can also help you coordinate add-ons with our partners for locations, cocktails, catering or party favors.

What are your guests saying?

TF: Every time, we get: ‘My husband/kids/friend/mom will never believe I made this myself!’ Once, our hostess said, ‘I can’t believe it’s over. I want to pull it all out and do it all over again.’ So she did!

LL: It’s very rewarding to see your guests feel so proud of themselves. One woman said, ‘This is really what women want to do. We want to get together, have a glass of wine, learn and take home something beautiful.’”

Share your pro tips for buying flowers ourselves.

TF: Select the best-looking flowers the grocery store has and get triple what you think you need.

LL: Stick with a monochromatic color palette. And cut the stems down—leggy flowers that stick too far out of a vase are sad.


Photography by: greg powers