When John F. Kennedy Threw the First Pitch in 1963

By Michael McCarthy | March 25, 2020 | Lifestyle

GettyImages515283380-0001.jpgFrom left: Sen. Hubert Humphrey, President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Mike Mansfield

John F. Kennedy’s back usually ached, and yet on opening day April 8, 1963, he reared back like Sandy Koufax and delivered a strike for the ceremonial first pitch at DC Stadium. He didn’t spaghetti arm the toss, and the ball coming from his hand sailed like the dreams of the 43,000 in attendance. What won’t be remembered is the home team’s travails (the Senators lost, as was habit, 3-1, to the Orioles), but how the president looked. Fifty-seven years is an eternity in fashion, and JFK’s gray worsted wool suit (he was a Brooks Brothers man), slim-notched lapel, skinny tie and white dress shirt still look crisp. Timeless, even. Much like the game itself.

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Photography by: Getty Images